The Donguri Club Theory

A teacher must be a philosopher.  Children come to school to learn philosophy. Philosophy is learning how to live.  And to truly live your life, you must use your mind and move your emotions. That is, you must be able to think and feel. Without this knowledge, teachers cannot foster the ability to truly live life within children. Now what is necessary to think and feel?  To expand your imagination , slowly and deeply, and to be conscious of your emotions.

All animals think by images. Animals can think, even though they do not have words.  Human beings are the same.  The language used within our mind is visual images.  Words are merely symbols used to recreate images in our mind.  If you can transform words into images, you can see it.  Once you see it, you can understand it.  The ability to understand words is the ability to transform words into images.

Visual images are used in the process of thinking.  Thinking is moving and changing the images in your mind.  The process is very complex, diverse, and carried out at a very high speed.  The moving and changing of images in the mind is the quickest reactions human beings can make.

Visual images are not only used for understanding and thinking, but help us be conscious of our emotions.  Visual images derive new discoveries, and pull out various emotions that are linked to the images.

Children change dramatically according to the education they are given.  Around age 9, every child gets prepared for abstract thinking,  but how deep the child can understand, think and feel depends on the child’s ability to think visually. Therefore from grade1 to 3 is the most important period in childhood to obtain visual power.. How a child is educated in this period will determine his or her ability of visual thinking.

Until now, nobody in the educational field has taught children how to study by using the power of visual thinking. But visual thinking is part of the human nature.  Please make children conscious of the importance of visual thinking; how fun and easy it will make understanding, thinking, and studying. One children understand this, they will develop their power on their own.  This power of visual thinking is necessary for all children, regardless of the level of education (schooling) they will get in their lifetime.

Until now it was thought that “strengthening the ability to calculate” and “strengthening the ability to think” could not be done at the same time.  But by using the idea of visual thinking, the two can be strenghthened by one method, at the same time.  You can examin this easily by trying it yourself.

Einstein said, “The best way to understand is to do it yourself.”  I think so too.
Human reaction is basically the same for everyone.  And you are the one who knows what is in your mind;  what you think and how you feel.  You learn not by reading books but by doing something for yourself.  You just need to be conscious of the way your mind reacts and the emotions that arise within you under certain circumstances.

“To do it yourself” is especially important when educating your child.  There are many methods of education, but you must carefully practice and examine each method by yourself in the same matter.  Whatever method you take, whatever you do to your child, you must try it on your own.  You must feel what your child feels, and be conscious of what goes on in your child’s mind.

This can be done in a matter of minutes.  No money is needed. How you educate your child determines your child’s future.  You must not leave it in the hands of others.  I believe nobody will spare 5minutes to examine what you are doing to your child.  If there is such a person, there must be a special reason to do so.  These people are not concerned with the child’s education or future.  Their concern is in most cases making profits.  In these cases, it is better to implement mistaken assumptions and beliefs from the past.

Education is not for some company or for some professor.  Education is for your child only.  You must believe in yourself to propely educate your child.  You must believe in not what some teachers or books say,  but in what you see, what you feel, and how you react. This is the only way to educate a child.

I don’t believe in set theories.  I only believe in what I see, how children react in front of me.  However, before putting down into words that “ thinking is the manipulation of visual images”, I talked with a blind man.  I needed to know if my theory was correct for people who had lost their eyesight.  The man said “words are merely triggers”, and “ I absolutely agree with the idea that we think by images. “ To prove my theory through experiments in the field of mind science may take hundreds of years, but we cannot wait that long.  Children need to be educated in the correct way right now.

Basic education has been said to be “reading, writing, and calculation” for so long.  And what have we got after all these years of teaching our children “reading, writing, and calculation”?  The result is our nationwide deterioration of our children’s academic abilities.  It is about time we realize that the basis of achademic ability is not “reading, writing, and calculation”, but “understanding, thinking, and moving our emotions.”

I have a great respect in elementary school teachers.  So I hope teachers all over the world would try the Donguri Club’s simple, reasonable, and effective educational method.  By using this method,  the teacher’s work will become much easier and at the same time children’s academic ability, the ability to understand and think, and the ability to truly live their life will be grown spectacually.  The method is highly beneficial when taking entrance examinations for upper levels of schooling, also.

This method is not only for teachers but for mothers, too. No money, time, nor special training is needed.  Any mother can educate her child and foster academic ability.

“Children are not small adults “ is a common knowledge in the fields of medicine and sports nowadays. That is, drugs or training that is effective for adults is not always good for children, on the contrary may have hazardous effects. Drugs have side effects and training in an improper way will cause sports disorders.  Since this idea has been established, many children has been saved from danger.

However, in the field of education, the side effects of dangerous educational methods are only ambiguously reffered to as children being “unable to think.”  The truth is that the side effects result in ALD- Artificial Learning Disabilities.

Children do not lack the ability to think from the start.  They have been educated “not to think.”  What children show – children with “weak minds” – is the result of the education they had been given.  The loss of thinking power is an aritificial disability caused by mistaken education. Changes in environment in which children grow up nowadays is also a reason for this situation, of course, but the greatest factor is mistaken compulsory and home education.

I have studied cases for many years and have come to a conclusion that there are two major causes for artificial learning disability of children. One is making them do high-speed, repetitive “reading, writing, and calculation” practices, and the other is not teaching them how to use their “visual power” ; both before age 12 (especially before 9)

Many people think “repetitive, basic training is important”.  However, fostering thinking ability is not like training in sports or learning to play an instrument.  High- speed, repetitive practices have dangerous effects on children’s academic abilities.
Rote learning, mental calculation in the head, high-speed computation, reciting without thinking, spelling out and writing a lot of words without thinking are all dangerous studying and learning methods. These simple-headed educational methods just enforce poor thinking habits and result in weak minds. And overmore, it interferes with the normal development of visual power at the most important ages.

Datas of National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry show that the evolution of the brain’s higher functions(building thinking circuits) continue at the longest up to the age 12( shortest age 8). At that point, circuits that had not been used (was not used frequently) is judged unnecessary and disappears. This is understood as a natural function of the brain to cut down circuits so it could use energy efficiently and make it fit for the environment. Bilogocially, the maturity of the individual is also accomplished at the sexual maturing age(12 years old for humans) . It is reasonable to think that humans finish making the circuits necessary for thinking by age 12. This means there is a time limit (limit for the functions to be put into work) to fostering thinking abilities.

Without visual stimuli, brain cells related to visual ability will lose their functions very rapidly. Brain cells grow slowly but stop functioning in a moment, and fade our very fast. Once the child’s visual power is weakened, it is very difficult to recover. Futhermore, if the problem is not recognized and the attempt to recover visual power is not made during childhood, the child will lose this power forever.  This is called apoptosis; a rationalized phenomenon where unnecessary cells automatically disappear during the stage of growth.

If you fail to foster your child thinking power along with humanity, the child will not grow up into a human, a “thinking reed.”  Therefore, until age 12, you must not take educational methods which interefere with the evolution of the brain.  You must set an environment for children which promotes and encourages the making of complex and diverse circuits used for thinking, and at the same time keep children from doing repetitive practices which enforce just one single circuit.

Why can’t children solve math word problems even though they have a high “reading, writing, and calculating” ability?

Why do children show a poor achievement in reading comprehension?

Do you know the reason?

The reason is the lack of “visual power”.  Specifically, the power to recreate visual images from symbols such as letters, words, and numbers, and to manipulate those images in order to solve a problem or fit a certain circumstance.  This visual power is the almighty and absolute basic thinking ability.  Everybody has it from the start but it is a power that must be developed during childhood. However, many children are not educated to be capable of using this power to the full extent,  and many lose this power along the way.

There is no day we don’t hear of some brutal and childish crime.  It is a characteristic of “child adults” to be brutal, cruel, and childish. Failure in education during childhood means that these children were not raised into humans with human nature.  Then, what should we do?  If children cannot get proper education that fosters their thinking ability and humanity at school, we must educate them at home.  We must protect children.  At any time, anywhere,  it is the parent’s responsibility to protect the children.  Please learn and try this education method I have introduced.  For your children.

Donguri Club’s high-quality arithmetic story problems

Donguri Club’s high-quality arithmetic problems have been developed to foster the thinking ability of children.  They are to be solved by drawing pictures, not by using calculation formulas.  Children will practice reproducing original visual images from words, and manipulating those images to solve the problems.

When doing these problems, children must expand their imagination, think slowly and carefully, taking plenty of time. It is the parent’s or teacher’s job to create an atmosphere and environment where children can do so.  It is also the parent’s or teacher’s job to wait.  You must not give hints, or think for the child no matter how hard it seems. Please follow the directions below.

Don’t do at once. 1 or 2 problems a week is the best.
Take plenty of time. Think slowly, carefully, and thoroughly.
Always draw a picture and think by looking at the picture. Use your eyes to solve the problems.
Don’t calculate in your head.  Always write down on paper.
Don’t use an eraser.  Leave the track of your thinking.
Don’t ask for hints. Don’t give hints.
If there is a word you don’t understand, ask for the meaning.
(Explaining meaning of words is okay)
If you can’t solve the problem or got the wrong answer, try it at another time.
( a month later or summer vacation) No need to get to the right answer.
Don’t give up without drawing pictures.
Donguri problems train the thinking ability, but the most important thing is to keep children from doing repetitive, high-speed activities.

How to do the Donguri Problems

Read a sentence and draw a picture. Read the next sentence and draw a picture or change the picture. The rule is to read just once.  Getting the information at once needs practice, so do it.  Don’t tell children to read over. Spoken words disappear the moment they are spoken.  Reading just once and drawing a picture is good training for reading comprehension. If the child cannot read yet, read for the child.

Don’t use erasers.  Leave the track of your thinking. Thus you know where and how you had mistaken. It also provides information for the parent to understand the condition of the child.

Always draw pictures. Expand your imagination and enjoy drawing. Don’t use line segments. Line segments cannot build complex thinking circuits.

Think by looking at the pictures. Don’t read over. Pictures are not for reference. Look at the picture and think with your eyes.  Think of ways to change and move the pictures to solve the problem.

Draw your picture over until you can “see” the answer in your picture.

After you see the answer, calculate and make sure. Always calculate on paper. Even if you can calculate in your head, don’t do it.  Adding up to ten and the multiplication table is the only calculation you should do in your head.

Convert the process of your thinking into calculation formulas, from the beginning to the end. This step is not necessary for children up to age 9~10.

Write down the answer with special care to the units.


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